Jan. 1, 2011 | Yale University intends to prove something incredible: That a liberal-arts college can flourish in an illiberal society, and that academic freedom can survive where freedom of speech does not... more »

Jan. 1, 2011 | 'Sam Harris has faith that his fellow scientists are paragons of moral insight and circumspection. If so, says Jackson Lears, Harris''s arrogance and ignorance make him an outlier'... more »

Jan. 1, 2011 | '£5 a poem. That''s the price that Ted Hughes set in the early 60s when he began hawking his manuscripts - the ones that Sylvia Plath didn''t set on fire in their garden'... more »

Jan. 1, 2011 | '"In a way, I consider myself a utopian," Daniel Bell said. "I believe more and more that if we can have utopian movements we''ll do better than if we have messianic movements"'... more »

Jan. 1, 2011 | Sure, flogging is barbaric, retrograde, and ugly, but if you were sentenced to five years in prison and had the option of receiving lashes instead, which would you choose?... more »

Jan. 1, 2011 | The puzzle of poverty. Oucha Mbarbk lives in Morocco without enough work, money, or food, but with a television, DVD player, and cellphone. "Television is more important than food!"... more »

Jan. 1, 2011 | 'The student-loan market has $800-billion in debt, a lot of borrowers in default, and the federal government on the hook. How''s that for a big bubble?'... more »

Jan. 1, 2011 | '"Contrarian" doesn''t do justice to Christopher Hitchens''s talent for merciless barbs: "If you gave Jerry Falwell an enema, he''d be buried in a matchbox"'... more »

Jan. 1, 2011 | 'How to account for the tedious mannerisms, digressions, and arbitrary promulgations that pervade Harold Bloom''s prose? "I refuse to be edited." Ah, that explains it'... more »

Jan. 1, 2011 | The gospel of Grayling. The philosopher says that he refashioned a 2000-year-old repository of moral thought in a spirit of "great humility." Brendan O'Neill sees a different spirit at work: tyrannical hubris... more »

Jan. 1, 2011 | 'Scholars secluded in disciplinary silos can''t begin to understand social change. The result is bad social science. The cure, says Francis Fukuyama, is to train a new generation of Samuel Huntingtons'... more »

Jan. 1, 2011 | 'Biblionecrophilia: The conversation about print''s demise has been consumed by nostalgia. As if Amazon will forgo e-profits after recalling the tactile thrill of curling up with a musty paperback'... more »

Jan. 1, 2011 | 'Graffiti culture was once proudly anti-corporate. "There is no room for empathy when there is a motive for profit," declared one prominent street artist. Then Levi''s came calling. '... more »

Jan. 1, 2011 | 'Politics and dirty hands. Are intellectuals who dealt with Qaddafi tainted? Perhaps. Are they chastened? Probably not. They''re too busy cozying up to Beijing'... more »

Jan. 1, 2011 | 'God is not a feminist. You think otherwise? Eve is a disobedient, dangerous temptress. And the women of the New Testament, well, they''re either prostitutes or virgins. Take your pick, ladies'... more »

Jan. 1, 2011 | When the Civil War began, the literati - Whitman, Emerson, Dickinson, Melville - erupted in support of the Union cause. But patriotic fervor soon gave way to skepticism, confusion, and moral ambivalence... more »

Jan. 1, 2011 | Insomnia can cause irritability, irrationality, and irascibility - also megalomania. Emmanuel Levinas found it the ideal state of mind for philosophical reflection ... more »

Jan. 1, 2011 | I would decriminalize drugs in a heartbeat, says David Simon. "Take all the incarceration money, all the enforcement money, and hurl it as fast as you can at drug-treatment and jobs programs"... more »

Jan. 1, 2011 | With rare exceptions, college students are not visionary thinkers. And they never will be. So why should they bother with physics, calculus, or literature? Let them study something useful: entrepreneurship... more »

Jan. 1, 2011 | Murder and despotism, the legacy of Marxism? Terry Eagleton wants to correct the record. "Marx is no more responsible for the oppression of communism than Jesus is responsible for the Inquisition"... more »

Jan. 1, 2011 | 'Shortly after Oklahoma! opened to raves on Broadway, Oscar Hammerstein placed an ad in Variety listing five previous flops. He wrote: "I''ve Done It Before and I Can Do It Again!"'... more »

Jan. 1, 2011 | 'Congratulations! Your richly imagined novel - or memoir, or vampire trilogy - is about to be published. But here''s some tough love: Don''t expect glory, or even respect. You''ll get none'... more »

Jan. 1, 2011 | 'Don''t let sepia-tinted nostalgia blind you: Baseball ain''t just fathers, sons, flyballs, and Cracker Jack. America''s most literary sport is also its most venal'... more »

Jan. 1, 2011 | Gourmand or glutton? The former is a high-minded soul in search of foodie transcendence, the latter a weak-willed sinner. Or maybe the distinction is simply this: money... more »

Jan. 1, 2011 | 'Neuroscience revolves around one big idea: You don''t control most of what you do, think, and feel. Your brain calls the shots. Therein lie the seeds of a legal revolution'... more »

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